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Protocol, Network, Foundation

Let's clarify the differences among the various components of the Media Ecosystem. Some of these might confuse newcomers. Media Network concept was born first, and subsequently, the Media Protocol was established as its foundation. The Media Foundation is the driving force behind the development of both projects.

Media Protocol

A suite of persistent, non-upgradable smart contracts that together form a protocol, enabling anyone to create unstoppable peer-to-peer marketplaces. Learn more about the Media Protocol.

Media Network

Media Network is a decentralized web services marketplace, offering a peer-to-peer alternative to industry giants like Google Cloud & AWS. It's anchored in the Media Protocol's permissionless system. Visit Media Network's website to learn more.

Media Foundation

This entity acts as the driving force behind the development of the Media Protocol and Media Network. Get the latest updates from the Media Foundation's X profile.


Some concepts and portions of this documentation have been inspired by or adapted from Uniswap. We acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of the Uniswap community to the decentralized ecosystem.