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Functions that provide administrative control over the contract, typically reserved for the contract's owner or privileged entities.

Deal Management

Functions that enable the creation, acceptance, rejection, and cancellation of deals between clients and providers.

ERC20 Token

A standard interface for fungible tokens on EVM compatible blockchains, which defines functions and events that the token contract should implement.


In Solidity, events act as a logging mechanism to store data that can be easily accessed from outside the blockchain.


Function decorators in Solidity used to modify the behavior of functions, often for conditions like access control.

Provider Management

Functions dedicated to the registration, deregistration, and update of CDN providers' offers.


Refers to holding and locking up cryptocurrency in a wallet to support operations of a blockchain network. In the context of smart contracts, it can be for collateral or commitment purposes.


A composite data type in Solidity allowing for grouping of multiple variables of varying data types.

Utility Functions

Functions that offer insights or facilitate checks concerning the contract's state or operations.